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Long ago, towards the beginning of this blog, I had posted our adoption story. Shortly after that, and a rather unpopular post on the subject of adoption, I learned that the way I stated some things regarding our adoption was offensive to some folks on the other side of the adoption triad. So, I took it down to ponder and do some rewriting. Goodness, I think that was nearly two years ago. Tonight I discovered that the draft was still in my files. So, I’ve read over it and made a few terminology changes, and reposted. Check the page tabs across the top.


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Well, it seems I need to put blogging on my schedule along with the chores and homeschool stuff. 🙂 Once again a month has gone by since my last post. I’m trying to figure out what has prevented me from posting. I think mostly guilt. Every time I even think about writing a post, I can think of at least five other things I “should” be doing. So, I head off to do one of those things. Right now I’m supposed to be sweeping the kitchen. But, I’m home with a sick kid today, so gave myself permission to do this first.

It sure didn’t take long to fill up our weeks. We have school time every morning, soccer practice Tuesday evenings, park days on Wednesday afternoons, I go to a women’s Bible study every other Wednesday evening, Farmers Market every Thursday afternoon, soccer games on Saturday morning, worship on Sunday, then choir practice for me and AWANA for B. In and around all of that I try to keep up with the house, plan for school and meals and weekly shopping, spend time with my guys, and neighbors and friends, too.

Although I know many have much, much more squeezed into their weeks, that seems to be about all I can handle. Yet, I want to add more kids to our family and get more involved in the community! We’re never satisfied, are we. So, I need to do some real thinking on what my priorities are and where I should be spending my time.

I’ve been questioning myself on whether I should be involved in the choir right now. That’s really putting a squeeze on Sundays. Practice is 4:30, then AWANA is at 6. I jumped in when they started practicing the Christmas program. I did decide not to sing with the worship choir on Sunday mornings. It’s more important to work on training B in that portion of the service right now. But I still want to participate in the Christmas program . . . Hmmm.

B loves AWANA! As a matter of fact, I’ve started using his AWANA book for our Bible lessons. He’s learning at least one Bible verse each week. The structure of the program really seems to motivate him. We’ve even started saying the pledge to the flag each morning as we begin school. And I thought I was going to “unschool!” But, structure seems to be something that B really needs. I’ve learned these past few weeks that we function much better together with a structured framework for our day.

Of course, structure is not one of my strong points. 🙂 I really have to work at it. But it’s worth it to avoid the struggles that ensue when I let things get too loosey goosey with B. Whew! Those days are tough. So, I keep on learning as I go through trial and error. Now, I think I’ll have another look at my schedule and make sure that what’s important gets in there, like blogging here with all you nice people.

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Help . . .

I’m blogging and I can’t stop!

I really gotta go to bed. Why on earth am I still sitting at this computer?!

Good night!

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I haven’t been on in so long that my stats page lists posts and comments under “A while ago.” 🙂

Actually, I’ve thought about posting many times. But, G had been attending the 1SG course the past three weeks. He was home for a couple of days and is now off on his new unit’s AT (annual training). Let me just say that this past year at the Sergeant’s Major Academy spoiled me good. On top of that, G hasn’t worked with a reserve unit for many years.  For the past 12 years he’s worked admin, pretty much. All that to say that having 1SG course and AT back to back really stinks!

Alas, I really can’t complain knowing so many with their soldiers deployed over seas for a year or more. Buck it up, right?!  And I really think these next few weeks will be much better as B and I are starting to learn our way around and get to know some folks. That’s what was hard – brand new place with NO support network. Can I just talk to another adult for a few minutes, please???

Well, that is becoming a possibility now. We were invited to a playgroup this past week by someone we met at church. Bryan had a blast playing with the other kids and I got to know some other moms. Big sigh. We’ve also connected with a local home school group and will attend our second park day this week. Oh, and Tuesday is National Night Out, and one of the neighbors came by to invite us to a block party! Yeah! We’re going to be OK.

I have lots more to write. We’ve found the church of our dreams. I’m starting “school” with B on Monday. And we have lots of home projects – don’t you just love those. Guess I need to get back in the groove here before my brain boils over.

So, how’s life in blogland? I’ve missed you guys. 🙂

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Whew! These past few weeks have been very full. My in-laws came for G’s college graduation. Be sure and congratulate G on that accomplishment. He’s actually talking about going on for a Masters. Wow! After that was the graduation ball where I got gussied up in a pretty dress. 🙂 Then we had B’s last soccer game – my folks came for that.  Then G graduated from the Sargent’s Major Academy – my folks came for that, too. After the graduation, B went home with my folks and we headed out to central TX to find a house.

We came home still not having a signed contract, it seems to be a seller’s market right now in central TX. But, Sunday, we finally came to an agreement with the seller of our third option (yeah, we’d tried for two other houses, first). Our Realtor emailed us the contract, we printed, signed scanned and emailed it back. Now we’re waiting for a copy signed by the seller. It’s a great house. It just has a few minor issues like broken windows and some very royal blue carpet throughout the main floor. It’s funny, all our parents think it’s beautiful. My mom’s trying to convince me not to replace the carpet. 🙂 Our first reaction when we looked at the house was to turn around and walk right back out the door. But we deciced to ignore the blue carpet and look at the potential. And it has lots of potential.

So, it looks like we’ll have a place to live. Now we’re back in the west and G’s serving staff duty for a couple of weeks at the Academy. I have brought B to NM for VBS at my folks’s church. So for three hours while he’s there, I actually have down time. I don’t know what to do with myself. So, here I am rambling out a blog post. Tomorrow I’ll go visit my brother, who also lives in NM. And I have some reading to do.

After this brief reprieve, I’ll step back into the whirlwind. The movers come to pack us up on the 19th. So there’s much to do to prepare for that. Once we get moved, there’s the unpacking and rearranging. G has to return to the Academy for First Sargent School (yeah, he got it backwards, usually that comes before the Academy) for his new position. When he returns his unit will be in the middle of some training exercises, so he’ll hit the ground running. I’m anxious to get B’s curriculum ordered and get started on a garden. Hopefully we can get some fall things planted in time this year. At the very least we’ll prepare for next spring.

I notice that my blog stats have taken a dive. But there are a few faithful folks still checking on me. So I want to say thanks to those folks. I did say in my last post that my posting would get spotty. 🙂 I’ll try to do a better job of keeping up. But know that when I step back in that whirlwind I may have a hard time getting to the computer. But I trust the whirlwind will die down once we get moved, and I can get back to business here.

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Wow, I seem to be having trouble getting back on the blog-saddle after my break. Not much has changed, except I’m finding it more challenging to findtime to think through things that are on my mind to blog about. Perhaps it’s because we’ll be going house hunting in a couple of weeks and have been getting house listings from our Realtor by email. So, instead of blogging, I’ve been drooling and dreaming over potential houses for our family. Following are some of my random thoughts over the past week.

I do have one more TV note. We finally had the big battle on Wednesday this week. You’ll recall that on Monday, first day after TV Turn-off week ended, B went the whole day without even thinking about it. Tuesday morning he asked to watch something and I allowed it. But as I pondered more about it, I decided that in the future we would not watch TV in the morning before our morning activities. I decided any TV time should be in the afternoon. Well, B did not like that on Wednesday morning and threw a great big fit. I find that rather interesting that he handled no TV much better than allowing TV with limits. Not that we didn’t set limits before – we’re just rethinking and adjusting those limits.

In my last post I mentioned having a wonderful, faith invigorating weekend. Amongst all of that, I began to feel some conviction over a lack of faith regarding foster care and our family. The last post on that subject really reflects a lack of trust in God, as well as laziness and unwillingness to stretch beyond my personal comfort zone. In response to that I prayed that it would be more than just my idea. In other words, G needed to also feel the same calling. Well, when I returned home, guess what G wanted to talk to me about? Yeah, foster care, in the context of selecting a house. So here I am now trusting, stretching, growing, once again. We’re still not certain, but are definitely feeling a pull in that direction.

During that same weekend, I attended church with my folks. During a prayer time, specifically to intercede for others, Stephanie Bennett came to my mind. Well, first I ran through the list of folks in my own family needing prayer, preparing to pray for them. It was as if God said, no, you need to pray for Stephanie and her family today. So, I did, and have continued to do so. That whole situation just breaks my heart. Faithful prayer warriors out there, I call on you to do the same. Please pray for the Bennett family, the “adoptive” parents, and the agency that is involved. I haven’t continued to blog about her case, but she is not forgotten.

As we’re gearing up for another move (mid-late June) my blogging may get spotty. I’ll post as I’m able. The next several weeks are likely to get a bit nutty. Once we get moved again, we intend to stay put for a good while. 🙂

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OK, fellow obsessive bloggers. Here’s an additional challenge. BIG sigh here. Can we limit our blog time during TV Turn-off next week? I know this will be a much bigger challenge for me than ignoring the TV. Here’s the goal from Mom Unplugged:

A maximum of one hour per day online. It will occur after the kids go to bed, no “peeking” at my email during the daytime. This one will be hard since the computer is in the kitchen, tempting me, taunting me, CALLING OUT TO ME!!! OK, this is getting weird. As I said – only one hour per day.

The no “peeking” at my email outside of the allotted time will be tough. My laptop is also on a desk in the kitchen. I think I’ll just have to leave it off until my allotted time. Oh, this will definitely take much more discipline than leaving the TV off. That will be challenging for B & G, my challenge will be the computer. I was planning to spend time with my husband after B’s bedtime, so need to think about when in the day I do get to check on my email and blogs. Perhaps I should set a timer . . .

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