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Just Enough Light

I believe it is Beth Moore that has a book titled “Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On.” Something to that effect, anyway. It has been almost two years since I last posted here, so I’m not sure any of my former readers are still out there. But I am here to report that my husband is home safe and we have survived deployment. God has been faithful each step of the way, giving us just enough light for each of those steps. We have a little longer with the Army, so he’s not fully ours yet. But he is making an effort to better balance the demands of his job with family life. I have been able to attend my women’s Bible study without the kiddo. And I must say he is a much better cubscout leader than I could even dream of being. The kiddo is very happy to have Dad back, to say the least.

My hope is to return to blogging. I have really missed it. I don’t know what is next for us. Later this year, as I mentioned, G will no longer be a Soldier. Hopefully he will be able to make some time to explore employment and business options before that time is here. The kiddo would like to have a brother and a couple sisters join the family (2 boys and 2 girls in the family, total). So, we’re waiting and trusting God will shine His light on those steps when the time comes to take them. If anyone is still out there and catches this post, stop in and say hello. Fill me in on what adventures you’ve encountered these past two years. Happy New Year!


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