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Don’t you just love that word. There is so much wrapped up in it. It’s exciting and fun and hard and sad all at the same time. As a military wife I’ve had my share of it, although not as much as some I know. This past weekend it all caught up with us and we all crashed on Sunday.  We’ve been cranky with each other today, but I know it’s just the transition. We’ll adapt and adjust in time. I’m anxious to get back into a routine, but that will take time.

I’m at the local library utilizing their wireless service and just realized that I have about 10 minutes before they close, so will have to keep this short. I was supposed to research our Internet/phone/wireless options and order B’s curriculum. Well, I got the research done, but I’ll have to order the curriculum later as I’m out of time. Perhaps G will be able to make a decision from my research and get us connected at home soon. Then I can order the curriculum at midnight if I want to. 🙂

We’ve been camping out in our empty house since Wednesday (6/27). Here’s a list of fun things a four year old boy can do in an empty house:

  • balloon volleyball
  • pretend football
  • Nerf dart guns
  • monster truck races
  • pretend baseball
  • running and tumbling on the floor.

As you can see, B’s been have the time of his life in spite of our lack of ‘stuff.’ But, alas, the stuff is being delivered tomorrow. So we’ll be busy once again with the unpacking and putting away of stuff.

Happy Independence Day!


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