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Moving Day

The packers are here packing up our stuff. I can hear the sounds of paper wrapping and tape being pulled off the rolls. We’ll be out of here by the end of the week heading off to new adventures. Internet access will be spotty until we get in our house and set up access there. Thought I’d do a quick post here before we shut down the computer and pack it in it’s box. Next time I post we’ll probably be in a hotel in our new community. That’s about all the time I have right now. I just wanted to check in here.

As it happens . . . 🙂


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I’m doing research to figure out how to start B (a 4yo) on an allowance to begin teaching him about money. I ran across a great resource I just had to share. It’s actually a page set up by Credit Union National Association called Thrive by Five. They provide several downloadable activities for parents to work with preschoolers on the subject of saving and spending money. Thanks, CUNA, for providing such a great resource for parents!

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Wow, three posts in one day. I’m on a roll. 🙂

But I felt compelled to share this. I’ve picked B up from VBS and we’re now having a little down time before heading out to the park. He wanted to watch a little TV. Well, can you guess what he’s watching? Not Bob the Builder, Not Sesame Street, or the Wiggles. He’s watching Tennis. That’s what was on when I turned the TV on. Then when I started flipping to see what’s on the kid’s channels, he said “No, I want to watch the paddle ball!” I went back to it and informed him it’s called Tennis.

Ha! Now he just said, “Mom, I want to be a soccer player.” Anyway, he’s not just watching, but commenting and informing me of what’s happening with the game. I can see it already – the sports mom. It doesn’t matter what the sport, he can probably play it. His favorites so far are soccer, baseball, volleyball, golf and paddle-ball (why he would call Tennis paddle ball). He has natural athletic ability and is drawn to anything that involves a ball.

Well, he must be finished with watching the Tennis as I’m getting, “Mom, it must be time to go! I think I’m weady to go!” So, I’d better load up the bike so we can go to the park. He has some new paddle-ball set that Grandmom just gave him he wants to play. It’s one of those with the Velcro, so the balls stick to the paddles. Well, I’m off.

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In the middle of the whirlwind I wrote about in the last post, we finally heard from J (B’s first-mom). Actually, several weeks before we had heard from the agency that they had received a package and wanted to verify our address. So I very anxiously awaited the arrival of the package. While I waited, and waited, and waited, it was sealed even deeper in my mind that semi-open is not such a great idea, at least not for me.

J went a little overboard for B’s birthday, so it was a very large box. So, the agency had to wait for enough funds to build up in their petty cash so they could mail it. I think she was making up for missing Christmas, too. Anyway, I was about ready to send them a check so they could get it mailed. But they finally mailed it. I was really wanting the letter and probably could have asked them to scan it and email it. I’ve been hoping to get a response to our last letter suggesting opening up the adoption.

So, I finally got the letter. You are not going to believe this. We are currently in the same city!!! I was absolutely beside myself for a few days upon realizing that. That package went all the way from west Texas to Virginia, to be mailed back to west Texas again! How ridiculous is that?! But, we also are pretty sure that J knows that, too. So, I have to resign myself that open is not what she wants.

But, the letter was a bit more chatty about herself than past letters. So maybe there’s hope. From references made in the letter, we think she mailed it before receiving our last letter. But she has surely received that by now. I would think if she longed for more direct contact, or even a reunion visit, she would have jumped right on it after receiving our letter, knowing we’re only in the same place for a very short time. So, for now, it is what it is.

But I still long for more. Four years ago, “semi-open” seemed like a good idea. But I’ve learned since that openness is much more important to me. I long to talk personally with J and to really know how she’s doing. I guess I wish we could actually be friends. I would so love to be able to email her directly as I do other friends. I think of her quite often, and always when B has some milestone or special event. I want very much to share that with her. But, that is not where she is, and I have to accept that.

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Whew! These past few weeks have been very full. My in-laws came for G’s college graduation. Be sure and congratulate G on that accomplishment. He’s actually talking about going on for a Masters. Wow! After that was the graduation ball where I got gussied up in a pretty dress. 🙂 Then we had B’s last soccer game – my folks came for that.  Then G graduated from the Sargent’s Major Academy – my folks came for that, too. After the graduation, B went home with my folks and we headed out to central TX to find a house.

We came home still not having a signed contract, it seems to be a seller’s market right now in central TX. But, Sunday, we finally came to an agreement with the seller of our third option (yeah, we’d tried for two other houses, first). Our Realtor emailed us the contract, we printed, signed scanned and emailed it back. Now we’re waiting for a copy signed by the seller. It’s a great house. It just has a few minor issues like broken windows and some very royal blue carpet throughout the main floor. It’s funny, all our parents think it’s beautiful. My mom’s trying to convince me not to replace the carpet. 🙂 Our first reaction when we looked at the house was to turn around and walk right back out the door. But we deciced to ignore the blue carpet and look at the potential. And it has lots of potential.

So, it looks like we’ll have a place to live. Now we’re back in the west and G’s serving staff duty for a couple of weeks at the Academy. I have brought B to NM for VBS at my folks’s church. So for three hours while he’s there, I actually have down time. I don’t know what to do with myself. So, here I am rambling out a blog post. Tomorrow I’ll go visit my brother, who also lives in NM. And I have some reading to do.

After this brief reprieve, I’ll step back into the whirlwind. The movers come to pack us up on the 19th. So there’s much to do to prepare for that. Once we get moved, there’s the unpacking and rearranging. G has to return to the Academy for First Sargent School (yeah, he got it backwards, usually that comes before the Academy) for his new position. When he returns his unit will be in the middle of some training exercises, so he’ll hit the ground running. I’m anxious to get B’s curriculum ordered and get started on a garden. Hopefully we can get some fall things planted in time this year. At the very least we’ll prepare for next spring.

I notice that my blog stats have taken a dive. But there are a few faithful folks still checking on me. So I want to say thanks to those folks. I did say in my last post that my posting would get spotty. 🙂 I’ll try to do a better job of keeping up. But know that when I step back in that whirlwind I may have a hard time getting to the computer. But I trust the whirlwind will die down once we get moved, and I can get back to business here.

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