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Wow, I seem to be having trouble getting back on the blog-saddle after my break. Not much has changed, except I’m finding it more challenging to findtime to think through things that are on my mind to blog about. Perhaps it’s because we’ll be going house hunting in a couple of weeks and have been getting house listings from our Realtor by email. So, instead of blogging, I’ve been drooling and dreaming over potential houses for our family. Following are some of my random thoughts over the past week.

I do have one more TV note. We finally had the big battle on Wednesday this week. You’ll recall that on Monday, first day after TV Turn-off week ended, B went the whole day without even thinking about it. Tuesday morning he asked to watch something and I allowed it. But as I pondered more about it, I decided that in the future we would not watch TV in the morning before our morning activities. I decided any TV time should be in the afternoon. Well, B did not like that on Wednesday morning and threw a great big fit. I find that rather interesting that he handled no TV much better than allowing TV with limits. Not that we didn’t set limits before – we’re just rethinking and adjusting those limits.

In my last post I mentioned having a wonderful, faith invigorating weekend. Amongst all of that, I began to feel some conviction over a lack of faith regarding foster care and our family. The last post on that subject really reflects a lack of trust in God, as well as laziness and unwillingness to stretch beyond my personal comfort zone. In response to that I prayed that it would be more than just my idea. In other words, G needed to also feel the same calling. Well, when I returned home, guess what G wanted to talk to me about? Yeah, foster care, in the context of selecting a house. So here I am now trusting, stretching, growing, once again. We’re still not certain, but are definitely feeling a pull in that direction.

During that same weekend, I attended church with my folks. During a prayer time, specifically to intercede for others, Stephanie Bennett came to my mind. Well, first I ran through the list of folks in my own family needing prayer, preparing to pray for them. It was as if God said, no, you need to pray for Stephanie and her family today. So, I did, and have continued to do so. That whole situation just breaks my heart. Faithful prayer warriors out there, I call on you to do the same. Please pray for the Bennett family, the “adoptive” parents, and the agency that is involved. I haven’t continued to blog about her case, but she is not forgotten.

As we’re gearing up for another move (mid-late June) my blogging may get spotty. I’ll post as I’m able. The next several weeks are likely to get a bit nutty. Once we get moved again, we intend to stay put for a good while. 🙂


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That week went by fast! Not watching TV was a non-issue. We had no fits, no tears, no fuss. B asked a few times and was satisfied with the answer. Perhaps, sometimes, things are not as big a deal as we think they’ll be. Perhaps we don’t give our kids enough credit.

Some things I thought we’d do B was not interested in doing. I never did get him to work on cards with me. Although I did make a couple of birthday cards for his friends and get him to sign them (trace his name) and draw in them. He was never interested in painting or doing artwork, although we did have fun with play dough one day. Generally those kinds of things have to be his idea. Also, B was busy doing other things and not interested in cooking when it was time to cook. I don’t think he helped in the kitchen at all last week.

What did we do? We spent lots of time outside – bike riding, walking the dog, playing tag, playing ball (you name it), moving sand around in the sandbox (that was just B). We did go to the library and checked out a huge stack of books with tapes. We did lots of reading and listening together and B listened to tapes quite a bit on his own, too. B had friends over and we were out and about, too, for soccer, shopping, worship, etc.

And, get this! Today, TV Turn-off week is over, and we went the whole day without turning on the TV – at all! He never asked. We did more of the same. And, he helped make dinner tonight, too. We even played monster trucks without the monster truck video. He doesn’t seem to have really missed it. Now, I’m sure he will eventually ask to watch something. But I think he learned that life is fun without it, and you don’t need it. That is the realization I was hoping for.

Now, for my confession time. I did not do as well at abstaining from the computer. Blogging, yes. I did keep that well within limits. However, I got wrapped up in doing some research for my dog and, earlier in the week, spent well more than my hour limit on that. But, I was trying to make a decision before the dog food ran out, and knew it would run out by the end of the week. So, I justified myself. But, that annoyed my husband, as technically, it was not sticking to my one hour commitment. I still checked email throughout the day, too. 🙂 Am I a hopeless case?

Oh, yes, and I watched a movie with my dad on Saturday. But, I was glad I did, as it led to some good conversation where I learned things about my dad I didn’t know before. The movie was The Perfect Stranger, and I highly recommend it. Seeing that movie with my dad perfectly wrapped up a wonderful, faith invigorating weekend. Friday and Saturday, I had attended Living Proof Live with my step-mom. Beth Moore – ‘nuf said. 🙂

So, we didn’t do everything perfectly. But, I think it was good for us. It was good for G to see that he could refrain from watching TV and still know what’s going on in the world. It was good for B to see that he doesn’t need the TV and can have plenty of fun without it. And, it was good for me to at least attempt to limit my PC screen time. At least I was more purposeful about the time I did spend on it, and was much more aware of the time passing while I was using the computer.

Will we do it again next year? You bet! See you again for next year’s challenge. 🙂

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