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Prayer Update

Back in August, I had asked folks to pray for my aunt, who was diagnosed with colon cancer. It seems I’m past due for an update. She has been on chemo for some time, now. For the most part she’s been doing well. We were able to visit the day after Christmas and she was energetic and had cooked us dinner. At first we felt bad that she had cooked, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a good thing that she felt like doing that. More power to her! She was wearing a wig in a very cute hair style that looked very good on her. I told her she should keep the style.

Unfortunately January has not been as kind. She came down with an infection that had her in the hospital and delayed chemo. It seems they got that under control and resumed the chemo. I hear from my dad that this last treatment has pretty much knocked her flat. It may be that the remaining weeks or months of chemo treatment will not be so good. Not that it’s been all that fun to begin with. But we certainly covet prayers of anyone that has a heart to pray. Thanks.


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A Desert Sunset

I took this picture this past Friday. The sky was so gorgeous I just had to. Thought I’d share it here. Sunsets, really, are always beautiful, no matter what the sun is setting over. We just have to stop and look. It is interesting that cloudy days often produce some of the most beautiful.

Let [us] give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men.

Let [us] sacrifice thank offerings and tell of his works with songs of joy.

Psalm 107:21-22

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One of my favorite bloggers is now a columnist on Anti-Racist Parent. Go check out her intro column. Cloudscome features wonderful children’s literature on her blog. She is also an adoptive mom and writes about those experiences as well. In her intro column she begins a heartfelt discussion about hopes and dreams for our children of color.

I did not have the courage to comment as a homeschooler. It seemed I would be the oddball as thus far the discussion centers on public/private schools. I’m still thinking and working through how to find diversity in the homeschool community. I know from books I have read and speakers I have listened to that there are African American families that homeschool, so am hopeful of finding some of those in whatever community we land in.

Thus far, aside from the authors and speakers I mentioned, I have met none personally. But, as a relaxed homeschooler leaning ever so slightly towards unschooling, I consider much of education to occur in daily life as we run the home and are about in the community at large. And it is a goal of ours to land in a diverse community where we can build diverse relationships, with living and learning happening together.

Although my educational philosophies are different, my hopes and dreams for my son are much the same as those discussed there. It was encouraging to read of the hopes and dreams of other parents for their children. I hope you will find it encouraging as well, and join in the discussion.

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A New Year

The following poem was included in the Shepherd’s Press newsletter I get, and thought I’d share it here:

God’s Resolution (for any year)

New Year.
New toys.
New gadgets to play with.
New things to do.
New things to tantalize.
But what happens to the old?
Thrown away, trashed, burned.
“But it’s broken, worn out, used up; it’s…it’s old!”
And into this world that prizes new things,
which has junk heaps for mountains,
come the words from the One who sits on the throne:
“Behold, I am making all things new.” And that’s what He does, doesn’t he? He takes old things – like you and me, things that are broken with sin, things that are used in the ways of selfishness, things that are tired because of vain pursuits… And instead of holding us at arm’s length with disdain – over the trash can – saying:
“It’s …it’s old!” He says, “Behold, I am making all things new.”
And then He does it.
He takes on body to experience getting older.
He endures the older-than-time taunts of the one
who delights in destroying, in tearing apart.
He knows the age-old temptations to sin.
He hangs on old wood.
Why this throne-leaving to intimately know “old”?
So He can take old hearts and transform them.
So He can make old, sad hearts dance with new joy.
So He can make guilty hearts
know newness of starting over again.
So He can make all of us old sinners
(well practiced in old paths of sin)
know new life.
So He can make all things new.

Kelly Knowlden

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Morning Snow


We’ve had snow two days in a row now. Of course, both days the snow was gone by afternoon. Yesterday was less than an inch, just enough to run around and throw snow balls. This morning, though, we got about 2 or 3 inches. B had his plan set before we even had breakfast. He wanted to build a snowman and throw snowballs at it. We never did throw snowballs at the snowman, though. He was too nice to mess up. But we threw plenty at each other!

Ahh, but by this afternoon, the snowman and all the snow was already a memory. But, it was more than I ever expected and made for a fun morning! And we all got to enjoy it together.

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This is just a quick post to relay an incident with B this morning. He had been told to get dressed more than once, but was dragging his feet, preferring to play in his room. But finally he came marching out of his room and around the house in a “look at me!” manner. I was making breakfast so didn’t stop to look at him, and was about to thank him for getting dressed. Then I noticed my husband trying to stifle laughter. What?

So, I stopped with the oatmeal and watched for B to come around again. There he was, grinning from ear to ear, with his shirt on his bottom and his pants on his head. He had literally pulled the shirt on with his legs in the sleeves! That, my friends, is life with B. Gotta love it!

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On Second Thought

After finishing up the last post I shut the computer down and went to bed. But then I could not go to sleep. My mind kept going over this one thing. There is one thing in my more recent past that I might wish to go back and re-do, if I could. And it is something that could potentially alter, drastically, the life I am so happy with today. Therefore it wouldn’t be for my own sake, but for the sake of another.

When we were in the hospital with J after B was born, at one point, she looked at us and reassured us that she was not going to change her mind. We were trying so hard to say and do all the right things. We wanted to make sure we were there when J wanted us to be, but not overstay our welcome. It was a delicate balance and we were not sure exactly where the lines were; we were just feeling our way. So we did not know how to respond to that. I can’t remember anything we said regarding that statement. Likely we just smiled and nodded.

Now, looking back, I wish I had responded with a reassurance for her that she had the option to change her mind. J is a very determined and committed person. She made a commitment and was going to keep it. I wish I had let her know that we would be OK if she decided placing B was not the best thing, after all. Sure, we would be incredibly sad. But we would be OK.

That is one big thing I often think of that I wish I had responded to differently. Instead, I am always wondering whether J wishes she had made a different decision. I wonder if it might have turned out differently if we had stated that she could change her mind and it would be OK. Granted, I don’t like the thought that we might not have B in our lives. But that is not the point. At that point he was not ours, he was hers. And she needed reassurance more than us in that moment that it was OK to change her mind. I wish I had had the knowledge and courage to give that to her.

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