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Settling Down

I’m still not able to settle my mind into writing out my thoughts. Perhaps when I can sit at the computer without these stacks of boxes still sitting beside me. 🙂 So, for now, I would like to point you to a blog entry on A Wrung Sponge. Cloudscome shares a bit about the support she received that enabled her to parent when she found herself unexpectedly single and pregnant: Precious Baby. God bless her for the compassion she feels for others finding themselves in this situation.

I am finding it quite difficult to adaquately explain my new insights on the subject of adoption in a way that some of my friends can truly understand. Perhaps stories like this can help bring understanding. Here is someone who received the support and encouragement that so many others wish they had had.


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We’re Here!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I last posted! We had Internet access at my uncle’s in OK, but were much too busy talking and visiting well into the night. We have been in our new (to us) home a little over a week and are loving the house and the community. New neighbors just moved in on one side that have three little girls and B can’t wait to meet them. G will start school in a couple of weeks; then we’ll be able to settle into a routine.

This is just a quick post to say “We’re here!” Now I’m going to join my family in the living room who sound like they’re having much too much fun without me. More posts to follow in the coming days.

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I have a couple of posts on adoption that I had started on before we left Virginia, but will revisit that topic in a few weeks. For now, we are enjoying being on the road and visiting friends & family. We started off in the country visiting an aunt and cousin of G’s – where B got to see a barn and some horses up close, and personal.

In the Country

Now we are in the suburbs of St. Louis and will spend the next few days visiting old stomping grounds and folks we used to know here. Last night we got to watch a spectacular (as they always are) fireworks display in the township where some of our very best friends live. It was great to spend some time with them again. Today B got to see the home of the very first Monster Truck – up close and personal. 🙂

BigFoot in the Garage

He has been looking forward to that for weeks! It was a thrill to see him so excited as he walked around and looked at the trucks. We have a few more days here with a few more folks to see. We’ll worship at our old church on Sunday, which has moved to a new location and has a new minister. There will be a few familiar faces there, but that’s about it. Next stop on the map: the big OK state to see my Grandmother, aunt & uncle, and any cousins that might show up (hint, hint).

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Hmmm. I just ran accross this article on another blog: U.N. making homeschooling illegal? I haven’t done any other investigating beyond this article. But thought it might be something to keep an eye on. If any of my homeschooling friends have any other info, please post a comment. It’s likely too soon to tell if this will be cause for concern.

ADDED NOTE: Carla, over on Books and Things, has a couple more posts on the UN and education in Canada, in case you’re interested.

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